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Apalach Tours offers four, unique boat tours of the Apalachicola River delta. Each tour allows guests to choose a focus subject for their tour. While each of these tours is unique in its subject matter, all cover the importance of the Apalachicola Estuary system.

Early Bird Apalachicola Tour Apalachicola FL
Early Bird Tour

The Early Bird tour focuses on bird life in the estuary, but you don’t have to be a birder to enjoy this trip. It is great for anyone wanting to explore the system in the morning hours.

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Estuary Tour Appalachicola FL
Estuary Eco Tour

Estuary 101 is the original Apalachicola eco tour. This tour is designed to explain what the estuary is, how it works, and why it is so important. You will learn about the flora and fauna that inhabit this unique ecosystem while traveling upriver from the bay, through the wetlands, and into the tributaries that feed the main river.

2 hour tour $35 per person
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Historic Apalachicola River FL
Maritime History Tour

The Maritime History tour looks at man’s use of, and impact on, the Apalachicola River and Bay. You will venture upriver to explore some of the wreck sites on the river. You will learn about the evolution of watercraft in the area and their usage in the industries that drove the economy.

2 hour tour $35 per person
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Apalachcola Sunset Tour
Apalachicola Sunset Tour

The Sunset Tour is the least structured tour. This is the time of day to relax and enjoy the scenery. You are welcome to bring along refreshments and we will see where the conversation leads us. This is also a great time of day for photography.

2 hour tour $35 per person
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Want to do something special or go out on a day when there are no regular scheduled tours? Contact us for charters of the entire boat can be arranged on days when there are no scheduled tours. Charter rate is $210.00 for the first 2 hours and $100.00 per hour for each additional hour. Call for more details 850-899-5000.

Gibby Conrad, your Captain/Guide, is a pioneer of eco tourism in the Apalachicola Estuary and a lifelong student of Gulf Coast maritime history. After conducting tours on the Apalachicola River and Bay from 1997-2007, he moved to Tallahassee and changed his focus to other ecosystems in the Panhandle. After developing a guide to outdoor activities around the Capital, he became a museum educator teaching history and natural science. He is now back on the river that he knows so well, ready to share his knowledge and love of the estuary with his customers.

The boat that will transport you on your adventure in the river delta is a Beachcat 23 named Swamp Owl. The boat is designed for a comfortable, stable ride and is equipped for your comfort and convenience with a sun cover, cushioned seats, and enclosed head. Keep in mind that you will be outside, so come prepared with appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Because the trips are on protected inland waters, motion sickness should not be a concern.

Call us for more details on an Apalachicola Eco Tour : 850-899-5000

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